Review Policy

Our goal is to provide a high quality review experience for our authors. That means a fast turnaround, quality reports, and a decision and revision process that does not result in “author torture.” If you like what we offer, make The Review of Corporate Finance Studies the first place for your submissions. If you are unhappy, write to us and let us know why.

    • Turn-around time. If we take over 120 days to make a decision we will refund your submission fee in full. Turn-around statistics are maintained on the journal’s web page. Please keep in mind that, if you paid the $300 nonmember fee, you will receive back $240 as your refund; the $60 is not refunded and instead gives you a one-year membership to the Society for Financial Studies.
    • Revision rounds. Our goal is to have a final decision on a manuscript in two rounds. This is a goal, not a promise, as individual circumstances may require more than two rounds.
    • Fast Track Review Option. Authors wishing to submit a paper under the Fast Track option should send a submission fee of $1,000. This guarantees a two-week turnaround time or your money back. The journal will identify a set of Fast Track referees who will receive $800 for a fast, high-quality referee report. If you submit under the Fast Track option, please email the journal’s Managing Editor to alert us so that we can get the editorial process moving fast!
    • Desk Rejections. The Editor-in-Charge will “desk reject” some papers that he thinks are very unlikely to be published in the RCFS. If your paper is desk rejected, the journal will refund $100 of your submission fee ($900 for Fast Track submissions), but you will not receive a referee’s report. A fast desk rejection allows you to move on to another journal without wasting time, when it is clear that the final outcome is going to be a rejection. On occasion the Editor-in-Charge may recommend another outlet.
    • Solicitations. The Editorial Board of the RCFS will on occasion solicit papers that are potentially attractive to the journal. A solicited paper will be handled in exactly the same fashion as a submitted paper, except that there will be no submission fee.

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