Registered Reports Repository

Corporate Market Power: Drivers and Financial Consequences
2023 RCFS Winter Conference

Banks’ Market Power, Access to Finance, and Leverage” by Maria Cecilia Bustamante (University of Maryland) and Francesco D’Acunto (Georgetown University)

Market Power and the Transmission of Loan Subsidies” by Jose Renato Ornelas (Banco Central do Brasil), Alvaro Pedraza (The World Bank), Claudia Ruiz-Ortega (The World Bank), and Thiago Silva (Banco Central do Brasil)

Skilled Immigration, R&D Concentration, and Industry Consolidation” Rajesh Aggarwal (Northeastern University) and Mufaddal Baxamusa (University of St. Thomas)

Cross-Market Effects of Consolidation: Evidence from Banking” by Andrew Bird (Chapman University), Ding Du (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), and Stephen A. Karolyi (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)

Finance for the Greater Good
2022 RCFS Winter Conference

Can finance alter corporate environmental decisions? Evidence from bank lending policies and mountaintop removal mining” by David Haushalter (Penn State University), Joseph Henry (Rowan University), Peter Iliev (Penn State University)

Employee Financial Wellness Programs: The Role of Simplicity and Stigma” by Aaron Phipps (West Point), William Skimmyhorn (William & Mary)

Energy Transitions and Household Finance: Evidence from U.S. Coal Mining” by Ding Du (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), Stephen Karolyi (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)

ESG-Linked Executive Compensation and Managerial Talent” by Swarnodeep Homroy (University of Groningen), Taylan Mavruk (University of Gothenburg), Van Diem Nguyen (University of Gothenburg)

The Monetary Benefit of Tokenizing Renewable Energy” by Markus Leippold (University of Zurich), Philip Berntsen (University of Zurich)

Trust and Race: Evidence From the Market for Financial Advice” by Christopher P. Clifford (University of Kentucky), William C. Gerken (University of Kentucky), Tian Qiu (University of Kentucky)

FinTech and Financial Inclusion” by Romina Gambacorta (Bank of Italy), Leonardo Gambacorta (Bank of International Settlements), Roxana Mihet (HEC Lausanne)

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