Editorial Team Changes

RCFS welcomes Gregor Matvos as an Editor, replacing Amit Seru, who will retire from his position. We thank Amit for his service to the journal.

RCFS also welcomes Carola Frydman and Victoria Ivashina as Associate Editors. We thank retiring Associate Editors Thomas Noe and Amir Sufi for their service.

All changes are effective July 1, 2016.

New Paper Examines Speeds for Top Finance Journals

A new working paper titled “Do Acceptance and Publication Times Differ Across Finance Journals?” by Craig Holden examines the time that eventually-published articles take from first-round submission to final-round acceptance for the top-20 finance journals and top-tier business journals. He finds that the two fastest finance journals are the Review of Corporate Finance Studies and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies, with median acceptance times of 7.3 months and 7.8 months, respectively. For the top-three finance journals, he finds that the median acceptance time at the Journal of Financial Economics is 9.9 months, at the Review of Financial Studies is 15.3 months, and at the Journal of Finance is 19.8 months. See his paper on SSRN.