New Feature: The RCFS Blog

The Review of Corporate Finance Studies presents a new initiative: the RCFS Blog, written by Executive Editor Andrew Ellul. The blog will feature commentary on published papers as well as on papers presented at RCFS-sponsored conferences. In the inaugural post, Professor Ellul discusses two papers that were presented at the conference on Finance, Labor, and Inequality in June 2019. The papers featured are “Mergers and Managers: Manager-Specific Wage Premiums and Rent Extraction in M&As” by Alex Xi (MIT) and Daniel le Maire (University of Copenhagen) and “The Origins and Real Effects of the Gender Gap: Evidence from CEOs’ Formative Years” by Ran Duchin (University of Washington), Mike Simutin (University of Toronto), and Denis Sosyura (Arizona State University). Read the full post on the blog.

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